A good brow product on a budget is hard to come by, well, if you're picky like me and I am very picky and even harder to please. Here is my roundup of the top budget brow products on the market right now, with a little something to please everybody!

Beauty UK Brow Powder Quad

This little quad has appeared numerous times on the blog, I love it that much. It has four pretty awesome brow shades which you can mix together or use alone to match your brow shade. It is the perfect balance between warm and ashy so that it will suit everyone from blondes, to redheads to the darkest of brows! It is extremely soft to apply and blend so you will never end up with harsh lines.

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Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara

When this product hit the highstreets last year, I was pretty excited because it was the first real budget brow mascara. This is a tinted mascara that doesn't provide too much colour so it won't make your brows look overloaded with product. It isn't a crispy formula yet neither is it a non existent, doesn't make a difference product either. I find that this not only sets any powder or penciling into place but brushes brows up and into place, which immediately gives a youthful and awake look to the face. Personally, I like to take some of the excess off of the tip of the brush as my brows don't need that much product through them, but experiment and find what works best for you. If you are interested in this product, read more here.

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint & Precision Pencil

A new product on Coquet Noelle comes from Soap and Glory and is something I have always wanted to try, yet never seemed to actually pick up and place in my basket. On my hunt for a good quality, yet affordable, brow product, I finally picked this up! And boy am I glad I did. Before I get started on why I love this product so much, let me tell you why I hate drugstore brow products, they are all creamy. Why is creamy bad you ask? Well I have a lot of work to do in regards to my brows, I have a gap in my left brow where I went a little tweezer crazy in my rebellious teen days (WHY?!) and it is a pain to cover. Most creamy pencil formulas blend out, don't create soft hair-like strokes and will not last all day. Have I mentioned that I don't like creamy brow pencils?

The Soap and Glory Archery is not a creamy formula (insert applause emoji here). It is a nice, thick, quite dry formula which allows for more precision, is more realistic plus lasts incredibly well. The shade is awesome, a super cool toned brown that again, looks incredibly natural. On the other side is a brush tip liner that deposits a warmer brown shade that is quite watery, and not overly pigmented. The lower pigment and brush allows for soft, feather-like strokes so you can draw in actual hairs. This is the best budget brow pencil I have ever found, ever.

What's your favourite budget brow product?

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