The Summer launches have dropped and I kept avoiding them in attempts to not spend money, however there were a few items I just had to pick up before they went away. My "picks" from the Chanel Summer 2014 collection are definitely the new shades of the Illusion D'Ombre in New Moon, Utopia and Mirage.

There are quite the mix of opinions on these cream eyeshadows, some love the shades but not the formula, some hate them, I however think that they are awesome. They are one of a kind in the cream eyeshadow world as they not so much resemble a cream but more of a mousse consistency. It is smooth and has a slightly powdery finish so it will set and last all day. They are my favourite one-sweep wonders and one of my most beloved eye items in my collection. To see more on why I love them you can read another post, here. I have found that all of their formulas are on point, from the permanent line to the limited edition line.

This Summers collection has brought quite a varied range without a hint of blue or coral, which is quite refreshing. The shades are Utopia: a wearable lilac/hint of pink with a slight shimmer, Mirage: a creamy antique bronze and New Moon: a warm brown with multi-coloured glitter.

Mirage, Utopia and New Moon
A breakdown on the shades and the formulas.

Mirage - this is an extremely wearable shade from the Chanel line as it has minimum shimmer and no glitter. As a shade reference, it is the non-glittery sister to the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Initiation. One of the complaints about these shadows are that the shades are quite glittery however this has no shimmer or glitter to be seen, only a sheeny finish. As it doesn't have any shimmer, it is incredibly smooth and blends like a dream. If you love bronze, easy to apply eyeshadows then this is definitely one to check out!

Utopia - is a very interesting, girly summer shade that is surprisingly wearable. Just like Mirage, it contains barely any shimmer and is super smooth to apply. It can be applied quite sheer or built up and with mascara, it creates a very girly and flirty look and is unlike any shade I have in my collection (cream or powder).

New Moon - one of the many reasons why I love the Chanel cream eyeshadows are because of the shade range and the complexities of some of their colours. This shade is no exception. It is a very interesting shade that has a very warm brown base (similar to Ebloui) however is not a cranberry colour. It has complex glitter (which is almost impossible to photograph) which adds so much extra dimension. There are flex of blue, cool and warm glitter which  will subtly catch the light and transform on different skin tones/eye colours. It can be a little grittier due to the glitter, but the sparkly effect this gives to the lid is worth the little extra work. And the best part? Because it is a cream, the glitter won't fall out.

I am completely besotted by these shades for summer as there truly is something for every taste, skin tone and doesn't fall into the "typical" blues, golds and corals summer category. They are limited edition however most are still in stock online and in stores but don't hesitate to get them as the Autumn collections are soon trickling in. I love everything about them and they were the stand-outs in the Chanel Summer 2014 Collection.

What are your thoughts on the new Illusion D'Ombres?

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