So, this one's going to be a chatty one. As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting very often, or very consistently on the blog in the recent few weeks. I have been having a thing called "Bloggers Block" which is essentially, writers block.

I haven't felt the passion or the drive to read, write or watch anything beauty related and needed some time off to clear the air and find that love and passion again. I knew that if I forced myself to write, it wouldn't be up to the same quality, so I knew that a break was definitely in need. I think a mixture of reasons have contributed to this "block" and one was certainly doubt and negative questions, Can I do this? Will I succeed? Do people enjoy my content? All of these nagging questions of self-doubt have really put me down and deterred me from sitting down and writing content that I and hopefully my readers will love, gain enjoyment from. 

On my time off I have been thinking about what I can do to improve my blog and take the next steps into my blogging hobby, and the next step really is videos however the same self-doubt comes about. So I took some time off to relax, not feel the "pressure" and enjoy more company from friends and family. I have spent days out and have begun to miss photographing, writing and testing products. I recently splurged a little on some new releases which must be uploaded ASAP as they won't be new for long to get the blogging ball rolling.

I apologise  for the in continuity on the Coquet Noelle and promise that in the next two weeks a post will be uploaded daily and will continue like that into the foreseeable future. And who knows? Perhaps a few of you will relate to this feeling as sometimes I just feel like the blog is stagnant, when all I want is for Coquet Noelle is to progress. However, it can't progress if I don't actually post, can it?

So enough excuses, moaning and emotional release... tomorrow I will be back at you with something beauty related!

Thanks to all my wonderful readers and viewers who make blogging an unbelievable pleasure and inspire and encourage me every, single day.
 I appreciate every single one of you. 

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