A weekly mash-up of the best in beauty over the past seven days. A list of five beauty must haves, views and reads.

A Very Special Day
This week my boyfriend graduated and it was one of the most wonderful days of my life. Now I know, you're probably wondering, what does this have to do with beauty? Well I got to put my special, long-lasting make-up on (as it was a scorcher that day!) and let me tell you, it lasted pretty well. I may re-create the graduation look in a video or a post as I really enjoyed the way it looked and lasted but as a sneak peak, I'll tell you what my base was: The Hourglass Veil Primer + By Terry Densiliss Foundation = flawless, sweat-proof combination!

Getting Nude
Speaking of the graduation day, I wore Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora nail polish in Let's Get Nude so when I saw this IntoTheGloss post on The Best Barely There Nail Polishes, I immediately got my phone out and added a few on my wishlist. Some people call nude nail polish "boring" but I call it chic, darling.

Getting Clued Up with Dr Marko
If you haven't watched the two videos on SPF with Caroline Hirons and Dr Marko Lens, go make a cup of tea, come back, click here and get ready to digest a lot of information on SPF and protecting your skin from the sun. I love knowing the science behind skincare and how our bodies work because that is the only way we can truly learn to care for our bodies. This video can teach, and perhaps scare, a lot of adults, teenagers and parents into making sure you protect not only your skin, but your children's skin. If you do anything this week, watch this and then go out and buy a good SPF to apply each day you shall be in the sun.

The Life Changer
Sticking with the caring for our bodies theme, I have recently finished The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. Now, I don't mean to sound dramatic but this book is quite the life changer. She puts her point across then backs it up with cold hard science so that you can't run away from it and you can't make your excuses. She holds up facts under our noses so we can choose to make informed decision on how we feed and treat our bodies. Not only have I learnt some pretty cool things about our amazing bodies but I am making sure to nourish my body, be more active in my day-to-day life and nourish and care for those who I love, and that includes you. So if you want to learn more about how your body works, how to care for your body or just want to change the way you eat and your overall fitness, this is THE book to read.

Red Faced Running
As I've said, I have been trying to be more active in my day-to-day life, that includes exercising. And believe it or not, but I have taken up jogging. For this I blame one Anna , if she can do it, then so can I! Now it is a slow process, and it pains me to say it, but I kind of really enjoy it. Just 3km is enough to get the heart pumping, the body sweating and the face reddening. So after her most recent weekly vlog, I am here to say to her, and all those other red-faced runners, embrace the red face!

 So, in order to encourage each other in our jogging/running/exercising pursuits, take a post-workout red faced selfie with the #embracetheredface to give each other the motivation to keep on the track (see what I did there?) and on the route to a healthier self.

What beauty things have you been buzzing about?

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