So, I am guessing you have heard of the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder and the Candlelight Powder? They are cult, must-have contouring and highlighting products that are owned and loved by many a beauty lover, so it was surely only a matter of time before it was brought out in cream formula, but has it lived up to our extremely high expectations?

Let us start with the packaging, it is teeny! A lovely teeny though and appropriate for the price point (£23). There is more highlighter than contour as we use contour on more areas of the face and it is less pigmented than the contour shade. At a first glance, very promising.

The texture is beautiful and very reminiscent of the Hourglass Illume Creme to Powder Bronze Duo. A creamy formula that is easy to blend, nothing as oily as the RMS Living Luminizer (which contains coconut oil) but not a cream to powder finish like traditional cream blush. Applied onto the skin, it blends very smoothly and the highlighter applies particularly well on top of powder so there is no worry that it will disturb the makeup beneath the cream. The contour shade does not migrate but if you have oily skin, I would recommend setting it with a little loose powder to ensure that it stays in place all day. As it is a cream product, it won't last as long as a powder, however, it looks a little less harsh on the skin than a powder would. The contour isn't heavily pigmented so blends seamlessly with little difficulty or skill so would be great for beginners. Plus, the cream highlight texture creates and even dewier effect on the skin.

The colour of the product however is great, although you should be warned that they are not exactly the same as their powder versions.

Pictured below are:
Candlelight Powder, Candlelight Cream, Sculpting Cream, Sculpting Powder.

As you can see, the Candlelight family is very similiar in tone and colour. I would say that the cream version is more subtle than the powder and is one of the best day-time appropriate highlighters as it will never look to obvious or garish. Plus, it would be amazing on mature skins as it wouldn't enhance any dryness or wrinkles. 

The Sculpting Cream is quite a bit warmer than the notorious Sculpting Powder which is a very cool, grey-toned brown. At first, I was disappointed that this wasn't the exact shade as the powder, however, the more I use the cream, the more I understand why it can't be such a cool tone. Let me explain, being a cream product, it can blend very easily, perhaps too easily. What does this mean? Well, it means that we don't get the same precision as we do as a powder. Therefore, if it was a very cool grey, it would look quite unnatural when blended out as it would be blended on a larger circumference. As the grey aims to mimic the small shadow under our cheekbones, which with a tapered brush and some powder, can be created/enhanced but a cream, not so easy to apply precisely. The cream shade isn't too dark or too pigmented so won't look harsh on the skin, plus it can be blended up and around the temples to add a little warmth, whilst defining the face.

Who would this be best for? Mature skins, dry skins, or those who love to rock a cream product. It doesn't take much, if any, skill to apply, it is portable, won't break the bank and looks lovely on the skin. Don't forget to add powder if you want it to last all day!

 Also, if you have the Hourglass Creme to Powder Bronzer Duo yet didn't like the shade of the bronzer, perhaps this is one to check out as the formulas are quite similar but the shades are much more wearable!

What are your thoughts on the Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Duo?

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