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Rarely comes a time when I watch a video that inspires and truly supports women (and men) but Lilly hit the ball out of the park by bringing this beautiful, yet simple, inspirational video. It is great, not only for teens but those who are in that in-between age like me (21) where you feel more confident than the 16 year old you but know that there is still a little more work to go. If you have any issues with confidence or want to be inspired to not only embrace yourself but others then watch it!

What Alexa Loves
I know I am not the only girl out there who has been drooling over this post from IntoTheGloss. We get to look into her life, loves and products she uses which is of course super exciting. And of course I have added the Chanel Rouge Allure in Incandescent on my wishlist... because I need another red-orange lipstick.

Summer Scent
So recently, I have been craving summer. The weather here in England has been very up and down, one day it is sunny, the next it is pouring rain. Regardless, I want to smell like Summer and have been reaching for Beyoncé Heat Perfume which is a very warm, fruity fragrance that is the perfect balance between girly and sexy. You have to check this out because it smells sooooo yummy.

I want it
So, if you've been on Cult Beauty recently you will have seen the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Brow Palette. This is a palette which contains all of her brow powders so that you can make up any hair colour, skin tone, etc. This would be amazing for makeup artists which is why I shall not be purchasing this. But doesn't it look so fun and pretty?!

Guess who's back?
YAY. She's back! She's baaaaaccckk. Who you ask? Why Chelsea of COURSE. Can you tell I'm excited? This girl is sassy, purrdy and completely hilarious with a love for makeup, a fiesty personality and her own online store. If you don't know who she is, then you should go to her Youtube channel and fall in love with her immediately cos this girl is the bees.

What beauty things have you been buzzing about?

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