The weekend is here and that, for some, means ditching your work clothes and getting your glad rags on, ready to hit the town. When we prep for a night out we do our hair, our nails, our makeup and take extra care in our ensemble... but haven't we forgotten something? Ah, yes, skincare! 

When the primping process begins (I like to start as early as possible, it's all part of the fun!) I always make sure to do a face mask, which mask of course depends on my skins needs but all of them are perfect to create that flawless base that will allow your makeup to apply better and the overall finish look healthier and more radiant. Here is my cut on my favourite pre night out face masks.

The Do It All
If you want a quick fix mask that will get your skin party ready then the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel Mask is the one for you. This little number uses fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin, it also has some wonderful moisturising ingredients in there too which will all equal in very smooth skin that has a little bit of glow to it. I adore using this before I have a special night as it preps my skin so that any makeup I put on top of it will smooth out and look flawless.

The Glow Inducer 
For those of you who are all about the glow want to check out the Olay Total Effects Sheet Masks, this is a pre soaked sheet mask that you put on your face and when you remove it will be left with the dewiest skin you have ever encountered. Your skin will look like it just had a facial, it's serious stuff. One thing to note, the serum (residue) can feel a little tacky on the skin so I recommend you use this in the morning/a few hours before getting ready to allow the goodness to really sink into your skin so that it won't disrupt any makeup you apply on top of it.

The Smooth Operator 
Have you got dry patches that make even your favourite foundation look cakey? Yep, been there! Sometimes we need to bring the big guns in to smooth out the skin and make it feel baby soft again. My heavyweight champion is the Body Shop Honey and Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask. It is an incredibly nourishing treat for the skin and will banish dry patches and make a superbly smooth base so that your foundation and concealer won't cake or enhance any dryness in your skin.

The Radiance Booster
Sometimes we just need our skin to look fresh and radiant. Nothing does this better than the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, this is an exfoliating mask that will eat up that top layer of skin to reveal newer, brighter, smoother looking skin. It leaves the skin looking clean and radiant, as if we got our 8+ hours sleep and drank our recommended water intake. 

What are your favourite pre-night out masks?

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