I have discovered my new favourite bronzer. This bronzer may seem like an odd choice as it is the Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow, but don't let the word "highlighting" mislead you...

The Revlon Highlighting Palette is a five shaded sheeny powder that has a mix of light, bronze and pink shades. It can be used as a subtle highlighter however I have found that this looks beautiful as a bronzer. The powder isn't glittery so doesn't look stark on the skin, it has a beautiful sheen to it which I think enhances the golden tones, giving the "bronzed glow" a completely new meaning. I like to apply this with a really big brush such as the RT Powder Brush as it blends all the colours together, buffs it seamlessly into the skin whilst brushing off any excess shimmer. What makes this the bronzer however is the selection of tones as it doesn't contain any muddy shades, or red shades so it will look beautiful on paler and warmer skin tones alike. The pink shades create a very natural bronzed complexion and mimicks a natural tan as when we catch some sun, our skin does produce some pink/red in the skin. When buffed onto the highpoints of the face, this creates the healthiest, glowy, bronzed complexion you could ever wish for... plus, it is quite a bargain!

Have you tried the Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow?

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