A badly photographed review on the Mac Pro Lip Palette in Editorial Reds was one of my first ever blog posts, which I won't be linking as those oldies are made for the past. Ever since the moment I bought it, it has been indispensable, I take it on every holiday, weekend away, everything as it truly is just an amazing palette with some knock out shades. This is an ode to the Mac Pro Lip Palette. 

The Mac Pro Lip Palette is a palette which houses six famous Mac lipsticks: (left to right) Lady Danger, On Hold, Russian Red, Mac Red, Ruby Woo and  Dare You. There are varied shades and finishes from warm tones to cool tones, mattes to creme sheens. 

Now you may wonder, why would I want a lip palette? 

Here is why you may want one of these:
1. You can try out several new lipsticks without the high price tag.
2. It is easily portable and very light.
3. You can mix custom shades/create ombre lip looks.
4. Test out which formulas and shades you prefer.
5. You can play makeup-artist with your friends and family.

One thing to note, these are very pigmented shades (with the exception of On Hold) so a lip brush is required for a clean application. They all perform just as the lipsticks in bullet form do so you aren't getting a lower quality lipstick for the price.

 Lady Danger, On Hold, Russian Red, Mac Red, Ruby Woo and  Dare You

Which are my favourite shades? Oh, I couldn't pick. I am a red lipstick lover and adore Lady Danger in the Summer, Dare You in Autumn, Ruby Woo in the evenings and On Hold in the day. It is a highly versatile palette which I would recommend to all lipstick lovers who are looking to try out some mac lipstick shades but don't necessarily have the money to purchase each individual lipstick as the palette costs £35 and individual Mac lipsticks cost £15. I have loved and continued loving this palette since the first time I laid eyes on it and would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who loves a good lipstick!

What are your thoughts on the Mac Pro Lip Palette?

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