I love the transformative qualities that a liner can do, you can elongate the eye, create a more feline shape, make the eyes appear rounder but liner really is a faff and ain't nobody got time for that. My latest cheat liner is a super simple and quick application that leaves the eye a little more defined and the lash line a little thicker.

My recent liner love has been using eyeshadow, it is simple, easy to correct and not as messy as a liquid liner. I use an angled liner brush (any will do) and apply some matte black eyeshadow, make sure to tap off any excess. I then nestle the brush onto the lash line and really work the shadow into the lashes. What we want here is an invisible line, this is not a bold or thick liner look. Apply the shadow onto the entire upper lash line and leave it there. Simple I know but once you look in the mirror your lashes will look thicker and in turn that will define the shape of your eyes. It is the simplest trick in the book but as they say, if it ain't broke.

Have you tried the invisible line?

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