Another month, another beauty release, what's new there? One of the most exciting releases were the Nars Matte Multiple. I was really excited and intrigued by this release and wanted to buy two shades... but then I stopped to think and realised why it actually wasn't worth my money.

The Nars Matte Multiple is a matte, creamy, pigmented stick that you can use on the cheeks or lips. Alone, it sounds like a great product. The first flaw of this release is the size, half the size of the original Multiple yet it remains the same price... this isn't the first time a brand has done this (I'm looking at you Benefit and Kevyn Aucoin!). As a consumer, I think this is unfair, at least drop the price by a few pounds, do your part for the consumer! We will appreciate it and respect and support your brand even more. This however, is something that happens in the beauty industry which we cannot change and have to deal with. This alone did not stop me from my purchase... so what did?

This isn't an original release. Naming it "multiple" suddenly creates the illusion that this is a brand new concept, a matte cream formula that you can use on cheeks and the lips! However, when you stop to think about it... isn't this just a tube of pigment? Somewhat similar, if not exactly the same to a lipstick? Or a cream blush?

I would suggest checking the colours out in the range because honestly, that is the only reason to buy the Matte Multiple but if you wanted it for the multi use aspect, then all you need is to get experimental! Shop your stash, search for any cream blush or lipsticks that don't contain any shimmer, apply some onto your finger and depending on how pigmented the product is, dab any excess off onto the back of your hand. Once you have removed the excess, pat the product onto the cheeks and then blend with a clean finger. If it is a cream blush, pat the product onto the lips or if you are experimenting with a lipstick, dab it on the lips straight from the bullet and build until you have the desired opacity. 

And voila! £30 saved and you have gotten more use from the products you already own.

So, which new releases have you not bothered with?

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