A weekly mash-up of the best in beauty over the past seven days. A list of five beauty must haves, views and reads.

Blue and Purple Eyeshadow Experimenting - 
Being a member of the beauty community, I am a little bit (ahem, a LOT) obsessed with the Pixiwoos so when this gorgeous yet simple, colourful yet sultry eyeshadow look was featured in this tutorial, I had a little bit of a giddy heart. I immediately watched it (and have watched it twice more since) and got to cracking out my navy and purple eyeshadows. I am always afraid to experiment with eyeshadow, never mind colour eyeshadow but this could certainly be the start of a new makeup love affair...

The Cult Bronzer - 
Over a year in blogging and a makeup collection that could rival the bests and I have never owned the Nars Laguna Bronzer. You heard it correctly. I have sampled the stuff in a face palette however it was too small to get a nice fluffy brush in there so have never really given it a full run. So when the Space NK goody bag event happened, I popped it into my basket and wow am I sorry I hadn't picked this up sooner!

Coconut Oil Hauling - 
Holland and Barrat are currently running their penny sale which equals the opportune time to stock up on the stuff. I use it for everything. Cooking, drinking, cleansing, moisturising, this stuff invented the word multi-use. If that didn't sell you then just check out the many, many, many uses of coconut oil here.

Shopping The Stash -
So, Vivianna always brings it on a daily basis but this post was just perfection. This is the time of year when self-spending goes through the roof. The summer collections are out in every shape and form, we want the coral lip new colour, a pair of comfy sandals and that floral summer dress but in reality, some of us just can't afford it (me included). So this post was a great reminder to get re-acquainted with loved items which we have long forgotten about. Remember, you can do this with anything. Make-up, clothes, cook books, whatever you have a large stock of will have a hidden gem among them, so get to searching, who knows what wonderful item you might come across?

Magnificent Maleficent - 
So, the new Mac Maleficent Collection has been released and it is magnificent. I have no excuse to buy another red lipstick or neutral eyeshadow palette so will be locking myself away, sans debit card, so that I can not purchase any of these oh so beautiful items! But if you have tried them then please let me in on your thoughts, if I can't enjoy these products myself, I can enjoy them through you!

What beauty things have you been buzzing about?

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