Another day, another new foundation to review. Today's is the Lancome Miracle Air De Teint Foundation, a light-weight, silicone based foundation that aims to create a matte glow.

The Lancome Miracle Air De Teint Foundation is a new silicone based foundation, similar to others such as the Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation and the L'Oreal Eau De Teint Foundation. It is a very light formula that must be shaken before application. The foundation is housed in a glass bottle, with a pipette. The pipette controls the amount of foundation you use, as it is a very liquid-y formula and could be easily over applied/wasted.

As to the foundation itself, it is beautiful. It is an incredibly light formula that needs to be shaken up pre-application. When applied onto the skin it almost turns into a very fine powder, creating a velvety finish. It isn't a flat matte, nor is it luminous, it truly does create a matte glow. The texture of the foundation is so fine and unlike anything I have ever tried, it feels almost invisible on the skin. Unlike other formulas, this doesn't cling on to dry patches. It is a light coverage foundation but with concealer added to the mix, it is the perfect coverage. The matte/powdery texture to this foundation creates a soft-focus finish. It is rare that foundations live up to their claims such as "matte glow" and "air & blur technology" but this one truly does deliver. The longevity of this foundation is average, as even though the matte formula makes this last longer on my oily skin, it is so fine that it will fade more quickly than a higher coverage foundation, on average this lasts a good 5 hours on my skin before I see blush and concealer fading.

Who would I recommend this foundation for? Normal to oily skin. Dry skins may find this too matte and not smoothing enough however for those who want a light base (in texture and coverage) which looks natural on the skin.  I recommend getting a sample of this from your local Lancome counter but be warned, it will be love and it doesn't come cheap! But you won't be disappointed.

Have you tried the Lancome Air De Teint Foundation?

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