Is it just me who forgets to do a weekly face mask? Even though I love using masks, the ritual of it, the different formulas, I sometimes just don't have the time... So I came up with a few new ways to use your face mask without compromising on its effectiveness.

The Spot Treatment - 
spent £20+ on a face mask and feel like you are spreading money all over your face every time you apply a face mask? Cut the cost, apply it onto your problems area, if your forehead is having a breakout and your cheeks are clear, then simply apply it the areas that have broken out! Doing this you can make sure to deal with any problem areas without the waste, plus it will make your face mask last that little longer! 

The Deep Clean - 
I am a huge advocate of adding 30 minutes on to the recommended wear time of a face mask (avoid this advice if you have sensitive skin). With clay masks I like to leave them on for as long as I can really, so if I have an evening planned in front of the laptop, I wash my face, apply my mask and then take it off 45 minutes later when my face has dried to stone.

The Daily Cleanse -
 If you don't have the luxury of leaving a face mask on for even 15 minutes but want to make sure it is thoroughly cleansed and clear, change the way you use your mask... turn it into a cleanser! Morning or evenings, whichever you have an extra 2-3 minutes to spare, use a walnut sized amount and massage the mask into your face for a good minute. For some extra punch, brush your teeth whilst it is doing its work then rinse off. There you have it, clean, de-congested skin in under five minutes.

The Steam Routine - 
This is one saved for bath times... Get in your nice steaming warm bath and let your pores open up through the steam or with the aid of a warm cloth. Once you have done this, apply the mask onto your skin, the opened pores will allow it to sink in and be that little more effective. Relax in the bath for 15 minutes, letting the steam keep the mask wet, which with certain ingredients, allows them to stay active. Rinse off and feel your freshly steam-cleansed skin.

The Old School - 
As they say, if it ain't broke... Read the instructions on the box/tube, apply it for the recommended time and rinse off!

What's your favourite way to use a face mask?

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