A weekly mash-up of the best in beauty over the past seven days. A list of five beauty must haves, views and reads.

The Millie Factor
Believe it or not, but I don't watch Made in Chelsea (that's what it's called right?), I'm just not really into "reality" tv... ItsJudysLife being my only exception... oh, and the Kardashians! I digress, as I have never watched Made in Chelsea, I have no connections with any of the people in the show. Then that all changed. I scoured the internets photographs from the 2014 Baftas and my jaw dropped when I saw Millies ensemble. That dress was glamour and sexy, vintage and va va voom all in one. But that make-up. Damn that girl has good skin. I can't flaw any of it, the fresh skin, the strong contour and those vampy lips. If I could insert the clapping emoji, I would.

Getting Glitzy
Since last week I have been ditching the bold lipsticks and focusing on the eyes, which is so not me. Not having much of a talent for blending and complimenting colours, I kept it simple. I have been reaching for my beloved Chanel Illusion D'Ombres (review here) as they provide a bold, opaque colour but add that touch of glamour with some glitter. My favourite has been Épatant, a beautiful brown with golden shimmer. A simple eye product that makes it look like you've spent half an hour packing on shadow, blending and repeating the process until it looks perfect when in fact all you did was pat on some cream eyeshadow, let's keep it our little secret.

The New Girl Crush
Everybody, I have a new love. Meet Lauren Curtis. She is beautiful, great at make-up, funny, sweet and honest. What more can I say? Check out her Youtube Channel and you will see all that I see in this amazing woman. #1 Girl crush.

Wishlist Wonders
So Pixiwoo did a video on their favourite products from different brands (hello, awesome concept! Must do similar video!) and of course I got my phone out and added a few more things onto my never ending wishlist. 

The Brow Clean-up
I don't think you know this but recently I've been trying to grow out my brows.Due to this, my eyebrows have been looking crazy and have had no shape whatsoever, it really has been quite ugly. I didn't know what to do as I didn't want to spoil all the hard work I had done by getting them shaped and threaded but it really did need a clean up... So, I got the bleach out! I spent a little time bleaching the upper lip fuzz (let's face it, we all have it) and when I was done I decided not to just stop there. I applied the bleach, very carefully, around my brow so that it would bleach any fuzz/baby hairs that can make a brow look quite messy. It is incredible the change this has made, without even the need of a professional. I now have a shape to my brows! Hoorah! It's no Cara Delevigne but it shall do for now.

What beauty things have you been buzzing about?

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