The Clinique Bottom Lash mascara has been raved about on the blogosphere due to its teeny tiny brush and its smudge proof formula. I do enjoy using it for its original purpose, on the bottom lashes but I don't stop there...

The tiny wand allows you to really grab on to every lash and coat each one individually. You can get the formula into the root of the lash without making a mess and tackle those tiny lashes on the corners of the lid. As the brush is so small, there isn't tons of product on there so there is no chance of clumpy lashes. The result? Flawless fluttery, winged out lashes. The one and only mascara for delicate, everyday lashes to create the ultimate no make-up make-up look.

So ladies, if you have this little black number hanging around in your stash, try fluttering up those top lashes also....

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