During a recent Boots trip I found myself gazing upon a brand new lipstick stand at Estée Lauder. I hadn't heard anything about them before hand but being a lipstick lover, I had swatches on the back of my hand before the beauty consultant could ask how I was. Not only was there a huge range of colours but an abundance of tones, so that every skin tone and colour can find something to suit them! I picked up three (albeit, I did want four, but four was too much... right?) and was pleasantly surprised...

The lipstick comes in a very sleek and elegant case that has a luxurious weight to it. They are also magnetic, so the lid slides on and provides that ever satisfying click. The formula itself is smooth and a little creamy, so I expected it to wear off quite quickly. The smoothness of it is due to such ingredients as Castor Seed Oil, Lanolin Oil, Shea Butter, Apricot Oil and Olive Fruit Extract. This results in a very soothing lipstick yet it is not too creamy or thick and is perhaps the first true lipstick-lipcare hybrid formula I have found. The lasting power on the lighter shades aren't particularly great yet aren't terrible either but the dark shade wears well and leaves a nice stain behind (3+ hours wear).

The shades I chose were: Insatiable Ivory, a peach nude. Potent, a soft pink-coral. Insolent Plum, a brightened plum (very similar to Mac Rebel). 

Insatiable Ivory, Potent and Insolent Plum

TLDR: These lipsticks are a smoothing and comfortable yet provide opaque cover with average wear time. They have lip soothing properties so are suitable for dry lips however may enhance chapped lips as they have a creamy rather than balm-like texture.

Will you be picking up a Pure Colour Lipstick?

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