New in the Coquet Noelle household are two new base products, I know I know, as if I need any more! But these two products have intrigued my interest, so much so that after twenty or so swatches when in store, I just had to buy them to give them the true road test.

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation
This new foundation from By Terry is what I would label "controversial" as it is an incredibly expensive foundation. However, with £10 + some money on my N.Dulge card, it was the prime opportunity to purchase this item - all in the name of science. It claims to be the hybrid skincare/makeup item that leaves a flawless, radiant matte finish. I am still testing this out so a review may be popping up in the next week or so but so far, I am a little disappointed. For its extortionate price, I expect perfect skin in a bottle. This isn't by any means a bad foundation, it is actually quite nice but I have other, much cheaper, foundations in my collection that I prefer over this. For now, I am not wowed but it is still being tested so I haven't fully formed my opinion on this one...

Dior Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer
So, this has been talked about Anna (VDM) and y'all know she could sell us horse manure if she wanted to. Once swatched, this was in my basket in 0-5 seconds - no exaggeration. It is a light, peachy gold primer that is incredibly sheeny. On first swatch, it could be a little scary as it seems quite shimmery however, when blended into the skin, there is no detectable shimmer or glitter, just a beautiful sheen. As it is so high shine, it can be used all over the face as a primer, or as a targeted highlighter. I have only done the latter but am looking forwards to using this full-face. So far, I am incredibly happy with this product but whether it should be reserved to just a highlighter and not as a primer, well, that is yet to be found out!

What products have you been picking up recently?

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