A few months ago, I was feeling a little down in the dump and in the mood for a change. This change came in the form of a box of blonde hair dye, what I ended up with however was rather brassy (read: ginger) ends. Not the result I was looking for. Since then I have been treating my hair with purple shampoo and have found the ultimate, most effective way to tone the hair without shelling out the wads of notes or leaving the comfort of your own home...

Purple Shampoo is an easy, at home method of keeping brassiness at bay. Depending on how light/brassy your hair is will change the amount of times you use it and how long you keep it in your hair for. I am still working towards an ashier blonde shade in my locks but I have found the most effective way to do this. Instead of using the purple shampoo on wet hair and leaving it on for 10-30 minutes, I do something a little more intensive...

What you need: 
- Purple shampoo
- Clingfilm

What to do:
Apply the purple shampoo onto dry hair, massage it well into the hair. Once it is applied to the hair, wrap your hair up and then wrap it in clingfilm. Go about your morning/evening as normal and leave this in your hair for (depending on how ashy you want your hair to be/how light your hair already is) around 10-40 minutes. I went for 40 minutes however, if you have fair hair already, I don't suggest more than 10 minutes as the purple will actually work as a toner and may stain the hair. Once you have left it in for the desired time, wash and condition as usual and voila! 
Easy, achievable, ashy blonde locks!

Will you be trying out this new method?

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