I remember the day I found out about the Back To Mac programme, I was ecstatic and mortified all in the same moment. Ecstatic because the prospect of free Mac lipsticks were on my horizon but mortified as I had thrown away countless used mac products in the bin.... perhaps even a whole lipsticks worth! So far any of you who live under a rock, like poor little old me, I am here to tell you about the programme and share with you my first ever Back to Mac!

- Back to Mac is a recycling programme to help the environment.

- Return 6 empty mac products (excluding accessories, applicators, sample sizes and box's/bags)

- By being environmentally friendly and returning your 6 empty products to be recycled you will be rewarded with a free lipstick of your choice (excluding the Viva Glam line)

My first back to mac went smoothly, I entered the Mac store (Nottingham) with my bag of empties, said "Hi, I would like to back to Mac". She asked me which lipstick and I replied "Kinda Sexy", she got it, gave it to me, checked my bag of recyclable goodies and off I went with my brand new lipstick. So easy! I know! So for any of you serious Mac users, KEEP THAT PACKAGING! And even if you don't buy that much, just hold on to it cos a free £15 lipstick is always worth the wait.

If you want to Back to Mac some products which I love and get used up relatively quickly are: Mac Brows, Brush Cleanser, Concealer and Eyeshadows.

Have you B2M? 
Which lipstick did you pick?

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