If there was ever a day to pamper yourself, it would be a Sunday. We light our candles, run our baths and listen to some smooth jazz Lana Del Rey/Beyonce. We tangle teeze our hair and oil our skin but for some reason our feet never get the same amount of love, unless it includes a new Essie nail polish. I am here to tell you to love your feet and avoid that mad Summer rush when you realise that your dry calloused toes have to go on show. 

If you take a second to think about what we put our feet through, you will immediately feel sorry for them. They carry us every day, they get squished into too tight but oh so pretty shoes so let us give them 20 minutes of tlc a week.

Step One: Apply a foot mask. That's right, we have masks for face, hair and now feet. My mask of choice is the Lush Volcano Foot Mask which is a clay based mask with all sorts of nice ingredients which will do a multitude of things from softening the feet, drawing out any smellies and just freshen 'em up in general. My suggestion would be to apply and rub in a decent layer of this and then pop your feet into some sandwich bags and let them rest for as long as your can take the minty tingle. 

Step Two: After you have new post-mask feet I like to go to town with my Ped Egg. The pedd-egg is perhaps the least glamorous items I own but is also one of my most indispensable item. Whether you have callouses, flaky skin or worse problems such as corns, the ped-egg is your friend. Scrub 'em and keep scrubbing until your arm gets sore!

Step Three: After pedd-egging 3 pounds of skin off of your feet, follow up with your richest, favourite foot cream. My ultimate is from L'Occitane however any cream will do, be it hand, foot or body. Just make sure it is packed with Shea Butter. Really slather this on and then pop on the snuggliest socks you own and reeee-lax.

Step Four: Wake up with new born baby feet as they will be that smooth. Then continue this weekly routine 'til you have feet that could melt they are that soft.

What are your favourite foot loving products?

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