Released as part of their 16 shades of beige collection Clinique released their version of the neutral eyeshadow palette and it is a winner. Sold out online but still available on Clinique counters! I love it so so much and have been going palette crazy recently so I thought I would post my review of it, alongside a day and night look, for those who have been eyeing up the palette but still can't decide whether it is for them or not.

 The shades are taken from the permanent line and range from white to dark purple. This is definitely a warm rosey palette, think of a condensed Naked 3 palette and this is what you have.

Almost all shades have a slight shimmer to them, none of which are glittery or cause any fall-out. The fourth pink shade in the palette is the only matte shade. The shade creates a warm crease colour and is great for blending out any of the darker shades in the palette. This is a neutral palette but with a twist as it doesn't contain your typical bronze shades or matte browns. Kudos Clinique. The eyeshadows are incredibly soft and crumble to the touch which means that they blend smoothly which makes this palette great for eyeshadow novices. I adore the shades and textures in this palette and it has quickly become one of my favourite ever palettes. I find the colours to be very versatile and would suit every eye shade as they have warming tones to them which really make the eyes glow. I can take this from super simple day to super smoky night.

Day Look

For this look I applied the second shade lightly all over the lids and onto the brow bone. Secondly I used the matte pink shade to warm and define my eyes by placing and blending it in the crease. The final shade I used was the shade Hazy which I applied onto the lash line and onto the outer corners of the eyes. Once having applied that shade I went back in with my fluffy brush and blended it all out as that is key with all looks, especially day looks as any edges will be seen in the harsh sunlight. I finished the look with a nude liner to open up and brighten the eyes. Overall this looks just gives a warmed, slightly defined look to the eyes, making the colour pop but without being too offence for day-wear.

Night Look

 For the night look we wanted to really amp it up. To start with I used the matte pink shade lightly all over the lid and worked it into and above the crease, making sure that it is all blended. This is done so that when the darker shades are applied, they are easier to blend, plus will add a little gradation to the look. After that I applied the second to darkest shade, Black Honey all over the lid. I patted this on the mobile lid for maximum pigmentation then stopped when it reached the crease. I then blended this shade into the pink crease shade to create a smoky effect. To up the smokiness, I applied it onto the lash line and followed with a bronze eyeliner. To give this eye look a little bit more dimension, I softly sweeped the fifth shade across the lids. This shade is a subtle blue-grey duo chrome shadow which on top of the dark red shadow gives a subtle purple duo chrome effect. This not only adds dimension to the look but also creates a very unusual shadow which in different lights will translate as a different colour. Overall this is your typical smoky eye but with a twist as it leans warm and cool at the same time and catches the light whilst still being dark and sexy.

Overall, this is a superb palette. It is one for those who like warm tones such as roses, reds and purples. The packaging is sleek and compact so great for your makeup bag. The formula is soft and blendable and is a great price for the quality of these shadows. I have really fallen in love with this palette and suggest you have a swatch at your nearest Clinique counter to see if it is one you will love too as it is limited edition and has a great combination of shades which can create a multitude of looks. This has the 100% stamp of approval from Coquet Noelle and I am now itching to try more makeup from Clinique!

What do you think of the Clinique Neutral Territory 2 Palette?


  1. Wow these are so pretty!
    I love the night look you created!
    Have a nice day Sarah!

  2. The shades look gorgeous!! And I loved the looks you created specially the night look :)

  3. can't believe i still haven't purchased this! *hand twitches*

    1. Did you get your hands on it? It really is a stunner! x



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