Quite a while ago I recieved the Glo Minerals Lipstick in Cabaret. It went straight into the everyday muji draw and it somehow slipped my mind to write up about it. So today I bring to you the Glo Minerals Lipstick in Cabaret*.

The shade Cabaret is a beautiful natural dark red, almost a brick colour. I wore this on a weekly basis during winter as what makes this lipstick amazing is the formula. It is so soothing on the lips and doesn't enhance a single dry patch. Its moisturising formula is down to the Castor Oil and Vitamins (C, A and E) plus it has Green Tea Extracts and Waxes in it to lock in hydration and help repair the lips. This really is the ultimate lipstick/lipcare hybrid. Now I know what your're thinking, if it is this moisturising, surely it can't have good lasting power? It does. It fades beautifully and the shade Cabaret stains the lips, as it is formulates with waxes it sticks to the lips which makes sure it doesn't slip around or rub off as easily as other moisturising formulas.

For £15 I think this is an incredible lipstick and a very unique one as it does soothe the lips without compromising on colour.

Have you tried any of the Glo Minerals Lipsticks?

* Press Sample

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