When the rumours where whispered about a Coral Dior Lip Glow, my beauty heart began to palpitate. I searched and I searched, high and low until finally, it was mine. I am the owner of the original Lip Glow and it is one of my most cherished lip balms as it provides nourishment, a pink tint and the yummiest smell your nose will ever come across. So obviously when a Coral one came onto the horizon, it had to be mine.

The Dior Lip Glow is a lip balm formula that aims to nourish and soften the lips. This new version is the same texture and delivers the same brilliant results as the original version. The only difference between them (despite the colour of course) is the scent. The original Lip Glow is a very vanilla, freshly baked cakes kind of scent whereas the Coral version is a little minty. The balm aims to provide a hint of colour, it is not a typical tinted moisturiser like the ones offered from Revlon or Korres. It is a traditional, tinted balm that has a very sheer wash of colour to make the lips glow.

As you can see, there is minimal difference between the colour however you can't deny that my lips post application have a pinky-coral hint to them and look a little glossier and in better health. This is perfect for easy days as it will make lips look flawless without you having to worry whether it matches, or will streak, get on your teeth, the usual lipstick wearer problems.

Now it isn't an astounding or ground breaking product but it is one that I cherish in my arsenal as it truly provides a glow and lifts the whole face. Plus, I always think a luxury lip balm is perfect at pepping us up whilst we are on the go. I think this is a limited edition product? If so and you like the sound of a very subtle coral lip balm that will actually moisturise your lips then check this out. If coral isn't your colour then there is also the original pink version that is in the permanent collection and that I would say everybody has to sniff as it is worth the price on the scent alone.... yes, I am easily sold!

A yes yes yes from me but,

what do you think of the Dior Lip Glow in Coral?

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