Upon deciding which of my many, many highlighters to travel with I somehow decided to take the heaviest highlighter in my stash. The chosen highlighter in question was the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel (see more: here) but it wasn't the item itself which stood out from all the other contenders but the versatility of it...

Soleil De Tan Chanel is a beautiful bronze highlighter and if I'm honest I don't own too many bronzed toned highlighters in my collection. I think that every girls arsenal should be equipped with a bronze highlighter as they truly are the most versatile, multi-use wonder products you could own. Of course it doesn't have to be from Chanel, it just has to be a beautiful bronze-gold.

The Uses
1. The first use of the highlighter is of course the most traditional use, to apply it to the high points of the face. This will hit two birds with one stone as not only will it bring some dimension to your face but it will also add some colour to it.
2. Mix a small amount into your moisturiser. If you are one for a light, fresh base then this will work wonders as it will add a tint of colour and luminosity without actually covering your face. 
3. If you are wanting some coverage then of course this can also be mixed into your foundation to, again, add luminosity but also a little hint of warmth to your complexion.
4. Just as you can highlight the face, you can the body! When going out I love to apply this to my collar bones and shoulders to give you that really sexy sheen. Trust me, it's all in the details.
5. Mix it in with your body moisturiser then apply it everywhere! This will make your skin look like you are sweating gold. Not as glamorous as it sounds but you know what I mean. Plus it means that you can afford to skip the tights!
6. Contour the legs. This step is incredibly easy, simply apply a stripe onto the center of your leg working from foot to knee to thigh and voila. This allows your legs to catch the light at the most flattering angle which will make your legs look longer and more slender.
7. Finally, use it in place of a bronzer. By using a light layer of a bronze highlighter, you will still create that bronzed effect on the skin but now it will be a glowing bronzed look that could be spotted on a Victoria's Secrets model. Plus it will be subtle, as we all know how easy it is to get a little heavy handed with the bronzing brush!

Overall, a bronze highlighter is much more versatile than a pink based highlighter as its uses doesn't just stop at the face. It can be your best friend on these colder, drier months where we are all craving the summer sunshine and it will be your love affair during the warmer months to enhance that tan. It is just the perfect, most versatile product to create a subtle sun-kissed glow.

What's your favorite use for highlighter?

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