As you should all know by now, I love Nuxe Reve de Miel lipbalm. If you don't believe me you can see it right here. That, plus seeing Nuxe in every pharmacy I walk by, and a competition, lead me to create a wishlist to let you know what I am lusting after to get me ready for Spring!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is a dry multi-purpose oil. A perfect post-winter product to hydrate and smooth out anything you want, be it your legs, your face or to tame any frizzy ends. As it is a dry oil it soaks straight in without leaving that distinct oily feeling. I am currently still living off of a sample of this but let me assure you, anything this touches, it turns it to buttery softness.

Serums are a Spring must have if I ever saw one. As we know, the UK weather has been harsh and winter takes it toll on all our skins. This serum contains Aloe Vera, Hylauronic Acid and White Almond which will all help to hydrate the skin. By using a serum which brings back moisture into the skin, it will leave it plump, smoothed and glowing, creating that perfect Spring fresh face.

For those of us who suffer from those pesky break outs, the key to getting a fresh face is to use a clarifying mask to clear out the skin. The only problem is that most typical clarifying masks can be quite stripping. This however is a cream mask so will still nourish and soften the skin whilst pulling out all of the impurities.

Now the majority of my wishlist has been revolving around getting fresh, clear and hydrated skin. Another very important thing to do in Spring is to exfoliate! Exfoliate that body so that when Summer swings around there will be minimum skin scrubbing panic! Plus it will prep the skin for the Huile Progidieuse. Who said perfect skin was hard to get?

My final wishlist item obviously has to be the Reve de Miel lip balm. This time however I have opted for the stick version as it is a little lighter than the pot version. I love to use the pot version on nights or very bitterly cold days to really hydrate my lips however on those Spring days we don't want anything too heavy on the lips so this is great to just chuck in your bag to keep your pout smooth.

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