This week get ready to have a look into some of my favourite products from the year 2013. To get the ball rolling will be my favourite lipstick of last year. 

A little disclaimer before I get started, I love matte lips and Mac Mattes will always be up there in my favourite formulations however this Dior formulation has been the best find of 2013.

My first encounter with this lipstick was only a short few months ago (see here) and it was tested out on a very long skype chat with my mother, post chat the lips were still perfectly in place. With the lightweight, moisturising feel of the lipstick, I had it pegged as a 2-3 hour lipstick at maximum but this was not going anywhere. Now it doesn't have the staying power of a stain or lip lacquer however is the most longest lasting comfortable lipstick which I own! I wouldn't describe this as a "creamy" lipstick as compared to the Rimmel Moisture Renew Range or the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks the Dior is much lighter in texture. After a few months of love I would almost describe these lipsticks as a gel/cream-like texture. As they are not heavy or "creamy" you don't have to worry about them creeping out of your lip line, getting all over your Starbucks mug or leaving a kiss stain on your colleagues cheeks. On the lips it feels light however is incredibly moisturising and doesn't cling on to any dry patches. It really is a beautiful formula for all lips as most of the shades don't contain any shimmer so will even work with sensitive lips. The only downside to this lipstick is the price however I haven't found a highstreet lipstick formulation which can even compare to this lipstick. Dior, you have done it again! Comfort, longevity and kick-ass colours... what more could you ask for? Plus the packaging is elegant and sleek. Go on, treat yourself...

The shades I own are: 532 Plisse Soleil, 169 Grege and 844 Trafalgar.

532 Plisse Soleil

169 Grege

844 Trafalgar

Make no doubt about it, shade 539 is already on my 2014 wishlist!

What's your favourite lipstick from 2013?

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  1. Love grege! I looked at some Dio rlipsticks last week but my store was sold out of so many :(

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty



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