I know I already featured a lip balm on my favourites from 2013 here but this product really hasn't ever left my lips all year. Now Korres Lip Butters have a bit of a cult following as they are super easy pots of tinted balms which some in all different colours with matching scents. My ultimate favourite is: Mango. My name is Sarah and I am a Mangoholic.

As you can see by the plastic tub, it is well loved! Now onto why I love it so. It is a lightweight balm which provides just enough nourishment without feeling sticky or heavy. The scent is soo fresh and fruity and yummy. But what makes this perfect is the tint, a beautiful peachy coral which is the best every day shade for my olive light-medium skin tone. Sometimes pink can just be a little too girly, nudes a little too nude and reds a little vavavoom however this shades just adds a subtle shade of orange kissed perfection.

The tint is very sheer and subtle but most definitely there. I wore the hell out of this during the summer months and even though Rose and Plum had a play on my lips during Autumn and Winter, Mango is never far away (in my handbag). A super easy product which just awakens the face by adding a hint of colour without looking too anything. A healthy glow if you like.

Have you tried any of the Korres Lip Butters?

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