With my New Years Resolutions on a roll, I am welcoming more experimental make-up in my every day life. Step one: master the feline flick. Oh yes, it may be a year long journey application and product wise but believe me, my 2014 Christmas look will be fully (and easily) winged! Currently, I have been giving these three liners from Rimmel a go as they were all in my stash and all have different applicators. Here, I will tell you the best and the worst and show you which is for what!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner

As the name states this is a precision liner. The tip is very fine and pointed, which is what drew this to me. The tip is soft and bends under pressure. The ink is a matte black. On first looks it appears to be a dream liner however it really disappointed me. I was hoping that the fine nib would allow me to draw a very fine line to give the appearance of fuller lashes however as it is not a stiff point it bends and thickens when you don't want it to. The formula of this really needs improving, it states that it is "waterproof" however it is not and faded on me in a mere few hours, I had to re-apply at mid-day! If you are looking for a long lasting liner, then look elsewhere as I am incredibly disappointed in this and my search for a fine pointed liner continues, suggestions welcome.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Professional Liquid Liner

The Rimmel Glam-Eyes liquid liner is 100% a liquid liner. It has a very fine brush which if perfect for creating a fine line and for mapping out flicks. It is incredibly liquid so wait a few seconds for it to set so that it doesn't transfer on your eyes if they are hooded. The formula is good, it isn't waterproof so wont last perfectly all day, especially if you have watery eyes, are prone to smudging or get caught in a rain storm. However, having said that it lasts pretty well and with some minor smudging (I may have forgotten I had eyeliner on during a sleepy eye-rub) lasted all day. Plus the length and flexibility of the brush makes creating a feline flick incredibly easy, almost too easy! This one is for the newbies as the brush really does all the work for you but isn't one for the die-hard liner lovers as the lasting power may not cut it for you!

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner

The Rimmel Exaggerate Eye liner is a liquid liner with a small felt tip. It isn't quite as liquidy as the Rimmel Glam'Eyes and it sets much faster. The felt tip allows for a smooth application however as it is a little thick, it won't apply a very fine line. It is great for getting a very level and equal line along the lashes as the thickness is the same throughout. What makes this the stand out liner from the Rimmel range is the fact that this is waterproof and will not budge. This is an all day, all night kinda liner. Being a bit of a flicked liner newbie, it isn't the easiest liner to create a flick with however armed with some Bioderma soaked ear buds, any mistakes are quickly rectified. I would definitely say that this is a great liner for bolder looks and for experienced eye liner lovers. It is also one for those who want a long lasting yet affordable formula.

Rimmel Scandaleyes, Rimmel Glam'Eyes and Rimmel Exagerate

Above are the liners swayched so you can get an idea of the thickness, colour and and finish of them. Below is a post-attack photo to show you how smudge and water resistant they are ( I licked my finger and gave my hand a good smudge). And I think this photo speaks for itself when it comes to the product with the best longevity!

Rimmel Scandaleyes, Rimmel Glam'Eyes and Rimmel Exagerate

Have you tried any Rimmel eyeliners?

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  1. I love scandaleyes, its super easy to apply and I find the tip thing stays really wet!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty



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