Here for you today is a review of The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club 5th Edition Box. This is a very special box as it includes 9 perfume samples instead of the usual 5. This box is for scent enthusiasts who are always looking for their next new perfume! The box works like a beauty box but instead of receiving one every month you receive one every quarter. 

The 5th Edition is The Classics editon full of 9 cult scents all wrapped up in a beautiful box.

As you can see there are an abundance of fragrances to play with for both men and women and would even be great to buy if you are looking to buy fragrances as gifts and want some inspiration. What is especially great about the box is that it comes with a little booklet full of £5 vouchers to get £5  off any fragrance which is featured in the box!

If you are interested in this box then simply head on over to The Fragrance Shop!

What do you think of the Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box?

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