Last week I was naughty. I splurged at Chanel. When I say I splurged, I mean I splurged especially on the Christmas Nuit Infinie collection. One of the (many) products I purchased was the blush from the new collection in the shade Accent (84). I have never tried a Chanel powder blush as most of the shades in the permanent collection don't seem to suit my skin tone however this blush is unlike any I have in my collection.

To start, the powder is incredibly finely milled. It blends into the skin and doesn't leave any powdery look on the top of the skin. However, this should be expected from a Chanel blush! What makes this blush exceptional is its incredibly complex shade...

The shade of this powder is unlike one I have ever encountered, in my collection or from any blush I have swatched in stores! I would definitely describe this as a rosy-brown as it definitely has strong pink tones in it but strong brown ones also. I imagine on different skin tones it would pull either more brown or more pink. The shadow just looks like the best colour to compliment either a subtle every-day look or even a bold smoky eye. Plus it has a gorgeous shimmer running through it which when swatched can look heavy however when applied with a brush just adds a wonderful sheen.

As you can see the shade is quite light however can be worn light which I love but also can be built up and you will find that when you build the shade up there isn't any need in applying a bronzer/contour colour!

If you are interested in this shade I recommend you go see this in person to truly understand the uniqueness of this shade and if you life then buy it before it goes! I am in love with this shade and do NOT regret buying this, it was 100% worth the price tag!

Have you tried any Chanel blushers? What do you think of the shade Accent?

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