Through the many Youtube videos I have watched and the millions of posts on beauty blogs I have devoured I have learnt an abundance of things. Be them from the top bloggers (Anna, Lilly, Estee, Fleur), the Queens of make up artistry (Queen Eldridge, Queen Tilbury and Queens Pixiwoo) or from magazine flicking and simple trial and error. Today I thought that I would write all that wisdom down in one place and hopefully you will find the new thing you learned today right here on this page!

1. If using a heavy or thick concealer to cover any severe under eye circles, mix it in with a nice hydrating eye cream so as to avoid any creasing! - Just make sure it isn't too heavy a cream.
2. When shaping or filling in your brows, they should begin at the bridge of the nose. Imagine two lines on either side of the bridge of your nose. This will slim the face and nose.
3. When wearing a bold lip, do your base first then apply your lipstick. That way you can decide just how much blusher/bronzer/highlighter/eye makeup you need so that you don't over-do it.
4. If you have over powdered, spritz your face with a little facial mist/water or simple put a bottle of water into a spray bottle so as to settle the powder and give the skin a more dewy complexion.
5. If you are wearing a bold or matte lip, apply lip balm before beginning your make-up then wipe it off with a cotton bud before applying your lipstick.
6. Don't be afraid of multi use. If you think a certain blush or highlighter would look like a great eye shadow, go for it! Experiment! Which leads on to tip seven.
7. Relax. It's only make-up. You can always wash it off. Have fun and experiment be it alone in your room, with friends or with family.
8. If you want to create a sixties velvet-matte lip, simply pat on some translucent powder over your lipstick with a brush.
9. If you can't find a blush to match your lipstick simply rub some of the lipstick onto your finger to warm it up then pat it onto the apples of your cheeks, blending as you go with a clean finger. Perfectly matching lips and cheeks!
10. If you have concealed a monstrous under the skin lump of a spot and it still looks terrible as the texture will never change. Simply mattify the spot with translucent powder as much as possible so that it is completely matte. That way it won't catch the light so will look flatter as opposed to bulbous.
11. Liquid highlighters can be used with practically everything. Mix it in with your moisturiser/primer/foundation for a radiant glow. Mix it in with your cream bronzer for a golden goddess look. Or mix it in with a lipgloss to give that extra bit of sheen!
12. Concealer can be used for more than just conceal! It is perfect for highlighting and contouring, simply buy a colour a few shades lighter and a few shades darker and voila!
13. Don't be afraid to dive into your pantry! If you suffer from dry skin/dry hair get that olive oil or coconut oil out. You can use it as moisturiser, a mask or a deep treatment.
14. A cotton bud dipped in a little moisturise is your hero when creating a sharp eye or lip look.
15. Wash that make-up off every single day. There's no excuse. Even if you are drunk and you use cotton pads with micellaire water that will suffice. Just make sure to get it off! It wasn't made for staying on your face, it was made for putting on and taking off.
16. You can use clear gloss on the face! That's right. You can use it to add a glow to the cheek bones or you can give a wet, grungy eye look if applied on top of eyeshadow.
17. Yellow cancels purple. Green cancels red. Peach cancels darkness.
18. A heavy coverage foundation is all you need for your base. For a light coverage mix it with your moisturiser then use it alone to conceal any areas which wasn't covered.
19. A matte brown shadow is all you need. Pick the right shade for your skin/hair colour and you can use it for your brows, for liner, for eyeshadow and for contouring!
20. If using your fingers to blend in foundation or concealer around the eyes only use your ring fingers at it applies the least pressure. Treat that area like silk.

What tips have you learnt? I am always looking to learn more!!!

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