I have recently turned my brow palette (Beauty UK: review here) into not only a brow palette but an eyeshadow palette and a contour palette and I am here just to tell you how you can do the same too!

Now this isn't exclusively for brow palettes, if you have a matte brown eyeshadow palette this applies too! Anything that has at least three shades of brown can be transformed into multi-use product!

Brow Palette
Whether your palettes intended use is as a brow palette or you have a few matte brown shades in an eyeshadow palette, get that angled brush out! A little tip for using matte browns on the brows is go lighter than your brow and if you want, slowly and lightly apply a darker shade as if you go too dark you may have get a little scouse on your brows!

Eyeshadow Palette
Now if you want to get the most out of your brow palette then the simplest thing you can do is use it as eyeshadow! Let's take for example the palette in the photo: The first shade can be used as a light wash on the lid or a super natural contour in the crease for every day. The darkest shade can be used for a smoky look or simply to line the lashes with to create a soft focus feline flick or if you opt to line without a flick it will thicken the lash line making those lashes look more voluminous. The third and final shade can be used in the crease for almost any shade and especially to warm up a dark, intense smoky eye or it can again be used as liner to give a softer look than black liner gives.

Contour Palette
Both brown shades can be mixed together, or if your brow palette has a grey shade use that too and take a fluffy brush to contour the nose and the cheeks but just make sure to blend, blend, blend! If you do end up being a little heavy handed then simply use your foundation brush to buff away the edges and voila, you will be contoured to perfection without having to buy yet another beauty product!

Have you got any multi-use powders?


  1. There is a colour in my Urban Decay Basics palette that I use for my brows. Its great when it can be used for different things :-)

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

    1. If you are talking about the shade Saint. Yes yes and yes again. The exact type of shade I had in mind when writing this post! x



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