Now in the beauty bizz a lot of products come and go... alot. Some we never hear about after their release date, some are labelled "Cult Classics", some "Holy Grail" but with the amount (and price) of products out there it really is difficult to know whether it is worth the splurge just because a certain product is hyped. One of these products is Nars Orgasm blush, their most popular shade! When I was new to Nars I really didn't know whether it would be worth splashing out on and I decided to buy a palette (The Happening Palette) so that I could test out a few Nars palettes and have now used Orgasm enough times to make a fully and informed decision about it.

Nars Orgasm is a beautiful pink with gold glitter running through it and swatched you can see why there is so much love out there for it. I think the pink shade is stunning and one of those brightening shades against the skin, able to give an instant pick-me-up to your makeup and face. The gold glitter has the effect of warming up the face and highlighting it. However, the one thing I don't like about this blush is the glitter. As beautiful as it looks swatched, that much gold on the apple of my cheeks is not at all pretty. I can also imagine that the glitter would emphasise any pores you have on your cheeks also. Even though the shade of the blush really is quite beautiful, I would prefer a toned down glitter. The way I like to apply this is strategically on the high points of my cheeks rather than on the apples so that the highlighting effect looks better overall. If you like really glittery products then this is most likely for you however on the cheeks as a blush this is simply too glittery for me... and I do like a bit of glitter! So my verdict on this blush? Nice shade but a disappointment overall, for such a cult (and quite expensive) blush I don't want to have to think too much or do too much work when applying it. I want to dust it on and have fabulous cheeks however if you don't pay attention or apply in the wrong place, you could be mistaken as a disco ball!

What's your verdict on Nars Orgasm?


  1. I was actually in Sephora the other night wondering whether or not I should buy this. I left without it, but I still would love to give it a try! I know a lot of people are not too fond of the glitter... I guess it just depends on preference!

    The FAB Journal

    1. Yeah I am more a fan of Deep Throat blush by Nars but I think with any expensive make-up item you should try it first. Just ask the MUA to apply it so we can see how it wears through the day, etc. Let me know how you get on with it if you end up purchasing! Hopefully you will have better luck than I x



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