(For this to work you must imagine these products with super spot hero capes!) 

Ever had those under the skin pimples? Bulbous under the skin spots? Little red pimples? Large eruptions?

Whatever it is, this super skincare duo can fix it right away!

I have finally found the cure for nightmare skin days. When your skin is seriously unhappy, has reacted to something or it may just be that time of the month, these two babies are my immediate go-to's.

My skin completely broke out last month, it was red and sore, had many under the skin spots which if you have had any you will know are almost impossible to heal! After a few days of using these products, the spots healed (without coming to a head or scarring), redness and soreness faded and my skin was more or less back to normal. I was quite shocked at the transformation and knew I had to share it, hoping that it would be a miracle worker for those of you suffering from spotty skin problems!

Every other day I would put a good layer of the Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque on and leave it on until it completely dries. I would then softly wash it of with warm water and my hands (being too scared to approach my face with a muslin cloth!). Already it feels and looks a little better but I know that it needs some moisture plus some extra healing ingredients. I recieved a sample of the Origins Make A Difference Plus Treatement after a purchase online and decided to slap it on my face as I have heard many good things about this in concerns with healing spots. It feels quite siliconey, yet that smooth feeling was welcomed as my face was so sore. It has the typical orangey Origins scent to it and sinks into the skin beautifully. I would usually apply this before bed (after my mask). I would use this every night, unlike the Aesop Masque. After three days my skin looked better but still had some spots and the larger spots under my skin were reducing, I knew it wouldn't heal if I just stopped there so continued with this method for the following week. And it worked. I was quite amazed that only two products got my skin back on track and really healed it. I hope that you have the same results as I have tried many different spot skincare products and nothing has worked as well as this combination!

What are your spotty skin saviours?


  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try this! Those under the skin spots are an absolute nightmare!!

    Lulu xx




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