So some of you may be reading this title thinking, "a little late for this post isn't it Sarah?". Aha, no it is not! I saw many bronzed posts similar to this at the beginning of Summer but I was never one to understand putting on fake tan when it is warm and you can catch some rays in your backgarden or at the park? I am however a strong believe in a little sun-tan extension. It has been more than a month since I went on holiday and am having the post-holiday blues as England moves swiftly into Autumn. My tan is still here but has lost a little oomph and I want to revive a bit of that bronzed amazonian goddess glow back into my skin! So, how do I go about achieving that and pro-longing my tan? Well, here are some products to help with that process...

I am always scared to add any tanning products to the face however these two I can just slap on and relax, sleep and wake up with a glowing face. Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner for face is the easiest product ever, apply it to a cotton pad, sweep onto the face, done! I find this quite subtle but of course if used for a few nights can build into a nice little tan. It gives a sun-kissed glow to the face rather than a brown tan so paler skins I think this would be good for you! Another favourite was a goody in Julys issue of Elle, Rodial Brazillian Tan. I picked up the light version, being scared of waking up with oompa loompa face! This is a nice gel formula which is very easy to apply to the face, the light version again provides a subtle sun-kissed glow and is buildable - my favourite type of face tanners!

The Quick Fix
I have quickly become obsessed with this product, it's the Caudalie Divine Legs (read: divine body). A nice little slap on your body wait a few minutes and go product! This little baby won't transfer onto white (tried and tested) will last with some hardcore dance moves (tried and tested) and doesn't get patchy if you get a little overzealous in the application process (yes, tried and tested!). Of course this is quite pricey and is a little bit of a luxe product in it's lovely glass bottle but another fabulous alternative which have fully used a month back is the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs!

Tanned Goddess
One of my favourite old-time fake tanners is the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze. Being a gel it applies so so easily and won't go streaky if you are a little naughty and apply without a mitt (wash hands after!!!). What I love love love to do with this product is to mix with some body butter or moisturiser and there I have myself a gradual self-tanner moisturiser with a bit more of a kick. I like this post-tan as sometimes my tan can miss the "glow" it had and this is a little orange so adds a little warmth to a tan however if pale then beware cos it may show more orange than warm on you. Finally. the creme-da-la-tan of all fake tan is the Xen Tan Dark Lotion Luxe. This is the ultimate fake tanner. I am always always afraid of the orange look. I would rather embrace my paler tones than be the dreaded orange-tinged girl. This tan however has wonderful olive tones and looks oh so natural! A definite night-time tan as it can get sticky but is worth the extra hassle as the next day I got many a comment on my tan - most believing I had been away or on the sun bed! If that isn't the sign of a great fake tanner then I don't know what is!

What are your favourite fake tanning options?

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