So after my holidays I picked up a Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in the shade Ebloui which is a beautiful brown-cranberry shade. It isn't cheap at £24 so when I found a cranberry shade cream eyeshadow in Boots by Maybelline (shade: Pommegranate Punk), I almost couldn't hold in my excitement!

Let us compare thee: both in similar packaging. Obviously the Chanel packaging is divine but I ain't gonna knock the Maybelline packaging.

They differ in textures. The Chanel has almost a spongey mousse-like texture which is powdery soft whereas the Maybelline Colour Tattoo is very much a creamy soft texture.

I named this a dupe? because they aren't quite the same and pull off different undertones however are incredibly similar. The Chanel Ebloui shade (left) as you can see is a little darker, less frosty but still has shimmer through it. It has very strong brown undertones which become more noticable when blended. The Maybelline Pomegranate Punk is more cranberry purple/red toned and doesn't have such a dark base to it and has less individual glitter and more of a shimmery sheen.

When blended out you can truly see where they differ, the Chanel blends out into a reddened brown whereas the Maybelline blends out to a purple.

When packed on with not much blended these shades are very similar in person and look like a beautiful burgandy. I would say that if you want the brown undertones that the Chanel one has then do get that because it isn't present in the Maybelline however if it is the beautiful cranberry tone which you love in the shade Ebloui yet don't fancy the £24 price tag then the Maybelline version is an absolute bargain and fantastic quality!

Do you know any other dupes for Chanel Ebloui?

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