So when I saw Barbara (thepersianbabe) rave about this I made it my mission to find it. I tried perhaps 3 or 4 different superdrugs until I found the last one left at my 5th Superdrug hunt attempt! Allow me to present the BeautyUK High Brow!

 This brow palette is definitely for those with brown-black hair. It comes with a brush which is ok and does the job and a pair of mini tweezers which will come in handy for when you are on-the-go.

The three shades are, a light ashy brown which would suit almost any hair colour and is the lightest of the three. The second is a very dark brown, almost a black which if used lightly can mimick dark hair if you have any patches where hair hasn't grown back from over-plucking. The final shade is a brown which applies quite dark and isn't too warm so will be great for most brunettes. This can create a either a subtle or strong brow depending on the way you apply it. You also get a wax to set eyebrows in place however I am not very fond of it as if you apply too much can have a white-cast on the brows.

I really love this palette as depending on my mood I can make my brow as natural or bold as I want but a mix of the three shades in different areas creates a very natural brow! I really do recommend this to all brunette brow lovers - if you can find it!

Have you tried the BeautyUK High Brow?


  1. Definitely looking out for this! The top left shade looks perfect for my brows - I find a lot of the typical browns that are sold are a lot too dark!

    Thanks a lot :) xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

    1. It really is great! Reminds me a lot of Mac Omega, great blonde/brunette shade without having the scouse brows! x



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