So this post has been sitting in my drafts waiting for me to have the products at hand to take snaps of (excuses, excuses). Finally, I have them back in my possession after a month apart (I may have forgotten them at my boyfriends house, oops). Even though Summer is almost over, this post is still relevant for swimmers, sweaters, those living in hot climates, wet climates, travellers and just generally anyone who wants long-lasting make-up which will not move in humidty or water!

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer SPF 15 (sample size)
Hourglass is a high-end brand whose products have great longevity and suit an array of skin types. This primer is incredibly pricey (£52 for a 30ml bottle!) so is what we could call an "investment" product. I luckily received a sample in a Space NK goody bag and love it so much but use it only on those very special occasions. So, about the product. It is a primer which helps minimise fine lines, redness, pores and provides a smooth base. It makes your make-up fresher for soo much longer but the best thing? It is water resistant! Mix this in with your foundation and you have water-resistant foundation so you can have flawless make-up after getting caught in a typically wet British August or walk out of the beach with a flawless face post-swim! Pricey yes but if you find your make-up melting off and have already tried other products which haven't worked it is definitely worth trying as you can purchase the 10ml product for £20 to give it a good tester before you commit to the £52 price tag.

Anastasia Brow Genius (£18)
Anastasia Beverley Hills is renowned for their eyebrow products and this incredible one is well worthy of being part of the Anastasia family. This is a gel + powder combo you mix together to create a coloured waterproof brow gel. I love this stuff as it really does last and I tested this with a lot of holiday swimming and I still had eyebrows at the end of a busy long sweaty day! Great for those who want long-lasting brows, for swimmers, for everyone! I can not fault is product as a little goes a long way and if applied lightly can look incredibly natural!

L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara (£10.99)
Even though this mascara gives nice natural lashes, my preferred day lash look of choice, absolutely any waterproof mascara will do. I am not a fan of waterproof mascara as I don't like the extra work of taking them off (although a little coconut oil will do the trick perfectly). However, when I know I will be swimming or going to the gym I like to use a waterproof mascara as I think that just a little bit of mascara can really awaken you and makes such a difference.

Dior Eye Gloss (£20)
This little beauty is a liquid/cream eyeshadow which you apply and it sets and dries and will not budge all day. Perfect for an easy, subtle shimmery eye to add a little bit of glamour to your look. I have a review here with swatches if you want to see more. These are limited edition but you can find them on!

Becca Beach Tint (£20)
Everyone loves a multi-purpose product and this is certainly one of them. It is a little lip + cheek cream tint which is also water resistant. I don't find that it lasts too long on the lips however it is incredibly comfortable to wear. On the cheeks it lasts for a few hours (that's including swimming!). Great for oily skins or anyone who finds blush to wear off quickly. I would also say that is would be superb to layer with a powder if you want that extra longevity! Plus the shades are divine and blend in super easily. I love this so much that I am eyeing up the purchase Guava!! Full review here.

Hourglass Rouge Opaque Liquid Lipstick (£23)
 A cult lip product which is so worth the hype. This is a liquid lipstick which you apply and leave to dry. Don't rub lips together as it will transfer from lip to lip and look patchy however once dry this won't move anywhere. I wore this, ate paella, drank wine and only did the tiniest touch-up of it. This would be superb pool-side glamour - who doesn't love a full lipstick bond girl moment? Or simply a no-fuss long lasting lip colour! This may not be water resistant but it sure seems to resist most things and sticks to those lips. Great for dinners and nights out, no having to constantly get your compact out and check your lips!

What are your favourite water resistant products?

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