A few weeks ago I was sent some St Ives Scrubs to review. The star and my favourite was this St Ives Apricot Body Scrub in Invigorate*.

This body scrub has been making my wash-times much more enjoyable. I actually look forwards to using this scrub! It smells like Apricots (duh) but has almost a powdery, grainy scent to it. The scent isn't the winner of this scrub, it is nice but not spa-like. What I love is its scrubbing amazing-ness. I find myself in a constant body scrub battle, they are either not scrubby enough or have the right amount of grit but leave a greasy residue - good for dry skins, bad for me! This scrub has the perfect amount of abrasiveness without feeling scratchy or leaving your body feel sore. It sticks onto your body and doesn't slip off leaving in wasted product and it leaves your body so so smoooooth! I love I love I love! And the best part? It only costs £5.09!

I have used quite a bit of this scrub as I looove using it and the experience however I have had this for over a month now and it has a good few washes left in it! If you find yourself longing for the perfect body scrub then try this! It really is lovely to use and I have already bought another for when this runs out!

Have you tried a St Ives Body Scrub?

*Press Sample


  1. I haven't tried the body scrub yet but I am definitely going to run and buy some tomorrow. I have used the face scrub and it is divine but yet to try the body scrub.

    Thanks for the great post :)

    Rach x



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