In the warmer, stickier climate which we are experiencing, sometimes it is nice to get gritty and give your skin a good cleanse! Here are my favourite scrubby picks.

St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub* - A superb budget scrub which covers an array of skin types. It is quite abrasive so not one for the overly sensitive. I would say this is best for younger skins as we can take a bit more abrasiveness however this isn't too rough and is wonderfully creamy so won't damage the skin. It not only keeps dry patches at bay but really gives your skin a deep clean. Great for morning and night or even mid-day refreshness!

Emma Hardie Aromatherapy Infused Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds - This little gem is part of the Emma Hardie Natural Lift Starter Kit. You simply add a little to your favourite cleanser and it gives a little extra oomph to your cleanser. This isn't too abrasive but is strong enough to improve the skins texture whilst giving a deeper cleanse. A great match with nice creamy cleansers. Plus the smell delicious.

Murad Aha/Bha Exfoliating Cleanser - Our least abrasive of the bunch is this cleanser. As you can see it is sold as an exfoliating cleanser rather than a scrub and that is exactly what it is. It just makes sure the cleanser works that little bit better for refining the skin and smoothing it. I would perhaps say this is better suited to more mature skin as it is gentler plus has AHA's and BHA's in so you get a double exfoliation, further improving the skins overall texture.

Elemis Skin Buff - The most abrasive. Not advised for sensitive skins or mature skin as abrasive scrubs can cause broken capillaries so if your skin is thin or sensitive opt for something gentler. This is great for those troublesome dry patches or if you want to really make sure you get a good cleanse around those tricky areas, such as around the nose - let's keep those blackheads at bay people! As the name states, this really is to "buff" the skin so is my go-to for dry patches or when I want to refine the texture of my skin.

What's your favourite scrub?

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