Last month I saw this (then) pre-order beauty and just could not resist. I am a very low maintenance hair girl and this just seemed to have my name all over it. A simple mousse to give beach hair? Yes, please!

A new addition to the Oribe family is the Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse. To start, there are no nasties so no need to worry about parabens! It is also suitable for colour-treated hair and provides UV and heat protection for hair! 

I have straight hair which can get a little boring so it is fun to mix it up however I don't have the energy to curl it in a morning. What I absolutely love about this mousse is its ease. Out of the shower simply shake, pump into your hands and smooth into the hair. It feels a little sticky and hair-spray like however that stickiness fades when your hair dries. Depending on your hair you can just scrunch it up and leave it there - this will provide your hair with some thickness and texture without drying out your hair. If you have loose waves naturally then this will define them even more. My preferred way to use this to smooth into the hair and then I will section my hair into two and braid it. I will give it a quick blast of the hair dryer and go about my routine, check emails, apply make-up, choose and put on my outfit, etc. When I am ready I will untie the braids, scrunch my hair and dry it further if necessary and I am left with a very beachy, tousled, waved hair. I also sometimes (if showering in the evening) leave the braid in overnight so the next day I will have mermaid-esque wavy hair.

This is a really excellent, easy product and at £35 it is quite expensive but also quite unique as some surf products such as sprays and shampoos can be too drying on the hair whereas this adds a nice voluminous matte texture plus it has a divine scent! 

Have you tried the any Oribe products?

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