When I went out with some girlies a few weeks ago one of them asked how I managed to keep my red lips lasting so long? She said that she has to continuously re-apply throughout the day and ends up just giving up and taking it off. So here are my tips to make your red lips last.

1. Line your lips. I love Redd and Brick lip liners from Mac. Make sure to colour the whole lip in with the liner to add that extra lasting power.
2. Apply one coat of lipstick, then blot with a tissue to make a stain. Continue with a second coat for optimum opacity.
3. My final trick is I add Lipstick Lock by Rimmel which is a liquid/gel sealant to lock in that colour. (Not advised for sensitive lips)

Perhaps the ultimate advise is to make sure your lips are prepped. Exfoliated and balmed before you apply lipstick so that it applies smoothly. For the longest lasting red lip, go for a matte finish as they aren't messy and will almost set so won't budge for a good few hours! My favourite mattes are by Mac and Revlon!

If you follow these tips then your are sure to have long lasting red lips for AT LEAST 5 hours without a single touch up.

What are your red-lip tips?

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  1. I use this Lipstick Lock too, great stuff, but I think I need to blot more as mine has turned bright pink over time!




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