I have had this little bottle in my stash for quite some time and have previously mentioned it on my blog here, however I haven't given it a full review so thought it was about time. The Gentle Exfoliator is a chemical exfoliant which works by eating away at the dead top layer of your skin to reveal new, fresh skin. This helps with all skin types, dryness and blemishes.

This could be comparable to other chemical exfoliants such as the Alpha H Liquid Gold however they do differ. The Alpha H uses Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and it does a heck of a job, it is one of my favourite skincare items. The Gentle Exfoliator, however, uses Fruit Acids which is a lot gentler than the liquid gold. This would serve as a great alternative to the Liquid Gold if you find yourself too sensitive to it.

I adore this product for the summer as it is not too strong so wont reveal too much new skin which is extra sensitive to the sun so you MUST use SPF after using a chemical exfoliant (you should always anyway). I also love this for hydration as I find this leaves my skin smoother and more hydrated than when I use the Liquid Gold. It leaves me with clearer yet glowing, smooth skin. Plus if my skin is feeling a little irritated and I want to get it glowing and back to normal this again is a superb product. I would call this the little sister of the Alpha H Liquid Gold as she is a little quieter however still in the same family of greatness! A definite for young and sensitive skins and even for those who want to dip their toe into chemical exfoliants however this product really does cater to every skin type. A must have if you ask me!

You can find the Gentle Exoliator Brightening Toner (£25) at your local Clarins counter.

Have you tried the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner?

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  1. I recently bought this too! It feels so lovely and fresh on my skin and I find it helps reduce blemishes quicker.

    New Follower :)

    How-Lovely Blog

    1. Yes! It really does feel fresh! Very nourishing whilst banishing those blemishes! Thanks for joining :D I'd love for you to enter the competition on my blog! xxx




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