So never having tried Aesop and only having heard brilliant things from them I decided to pick up this mask for skin-mayhem moments. A few weeks ago I got a few blemishes which needed to be calmly cleared up so I reached for this mask. Let me tell you, it is brilliant! I is clarifying due to the clay however still nourishing so won't irritate the skin further. I am again in a super skin-mayhem moment, much worse than before and due to too many cocktails (tut tut) my face has erupted with angry red under the skin spots and I know exactly what to reach for - this mask (which I currently have on whilst writing this).

The first few tries of this mask did not blow me away as I used it more as a de-congesting mask however this mask really is made for blemishes and a treatment for irritated acne prone skin rather than a frequent cleansing mask. The mask states to apply a thin layer and leave on for ten minutes however I like to apply a generous amount, especially on affected areas and leave it until the mask is dry. The mask dries strangely and emphasises your pores which is a good sign that it has got in there and cleaned that guck out!

I would definitely recommend this mask to any of you who experience break-outs and don't want to cause any further irritation but want to get rid of those spots! Even though this quite expensive at £33 it is more of a treatment mask so will last a long time and it really is worth it as when my skin is extremely unhappy, this helps my blemishes heal quicker, minimizes redness and as it helps my blemishes heal it minimizes any chances of acne-scarring! This will definitely be a mask I will repurchase as when in times of skin-goodness needs, this is the perfect product!

Have you tried the Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque?


  1. i do often get breakouts so 33£ doesn't seem too much for me, thanks for the recommendation!

    1. I hope so much that it works for you if you get it! I really do think it helps SO so much, especially for those under the skin spots! x



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