Summer has officially arrived, not only do I mean in the literal sense of the dates of the year but also the glorious weather we have been experiencing in England. Anyone would think we were on a tropical Island! Due to this heat wave, covering up has been a no no and showing a little skin has been a must however there has been an embarrassing hairy leg occasion which had to be quickly resolved, but which method should I use?

Epilation - Perhaps the most painful of all three? Certainly the noisiest of all three. I do my epilating with the Braun Silk Epil Epilator and if you can get past the tortuous sounds it makes, it isn't too painful. The idea is that the hair is removed by the root resulting in finer and slower regrowth of hairs. I do find that hair does regrow finer with after use of my epilator however if this is your hair removal of choice or you are interested in epilating be sure to regularly exfoliate as ingrown hairs are perhaps the largest con for epilation. Overall it is a fuss-free long-term method for hair removal.

Waxing Strips - I do enjoy a good waxing strip. I do not find them too painful and they are relatively quick however they are messy and with regular use can become a little pricey. Waxing is perhaps my least favourite method of choice as it can become expensive, it is sometimes messy and it is the main culprit for my white legs... even after having sat in the sun the previous week! It is however very fast and can have similar long-term advantages like epilation however some prefer waxing to epilation or visa versa.

Shaving (electric) - I lied. Shaving with an electric shaver is my least favourite of methods. It is the easiest and quickest of all however the least effective as sometimes it misses hairs or it isn't a close shave. It is great for newbies and novices who are a little afraid of cutting whilst shaving or having a more painful hair removal experience so I would say it is great to get started with but if you want smooth hairless legs, I would give this a pass.

Shaving (manual) - Certainly the most popular of all methods. It can be tricky and best done when you aren't in a rush! It is still my number one method even thought there are no long term benefits however it is the ease of shaving which I enjoy. It is something which must be done regularly, for me at least, so I should take up epilation as my number one method of hair removal however let's face it, shaving really is just easier isn't it?

Should we adopt a new alpha hair removal method than shaving?

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