After writing some thoughts on the Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil it got me thinking about other oils which I like and a duo immediately sprung to mind. A duo from L'Occitane. 

Let's begin with my favourite and holy grail shower item the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil. This shower oil is incredible. I use this sparingly due to the price (£17.50), I don't use this for cleansing but as an alternative for shaving foam. I have never been a fan of shaving foams as I find that they do nothing better than soap lather. This however moisturises the skin and is the only product which has stopped shaving rashes in those (ahem) sensitive areas. So ladies, and gentlemen, if you have any areas on your body which suffer from shaving rashes and bumps then try this as it may be the miracle worker for you that it was for me!

Secondly let us move onto the Fleur Marveilleuses Shimmer Body Oil. Once you are post-shaving smooth and if you have shaved for an outing I love to apply some shimmering body oil as it not only works as your moisturiser but adds a subtle glow and radiance to your skin! I have to say that any oil with shimmer will do, this is just the one I am using at the moment. However, especially in the summer, I find that a little bit of shimmer oil makes all the difference to my legs, arms and décolletage! I look like I have spent hours slaving away during the week moisturising, drinking lots of water, working out, fake tanning and doing all the things which would naturally give me this glow! A great one for summer evenings out or even for some extra pool-side glamour!

Have you been oiling it up this Summer?

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