So today has been a marvellous day. I woke up to find that I had been nominated and was on the shortlist for the Best New Beauty Blog for the Cosmo Blog Awards. Say what?!

Thank you to all of you who voted for me, your support literally means the world to me and continued support from you is so incredibly humbling and I am so grateful. I decided to enter the award with the "what do I have to lose?" attitude. Never would I have thought that I had a chance and there are some incredible blogs in this category, I have some serious competition - these girls mean business and are superb!

If you could please show your support and vote my blog it would make me so, so happy! This really is my baby and she is still young so to have gotten this far is really unbelievable and I promise I will work hard for you and bring you some great content! Thank you all so much, I send you all my love :)

Let's vote!



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