There's something you should know about me, I enjoy spending money on shoes, clothes, skincare and lipstick. However, when it comes to other such products as nail polish, accessories and hair care I refuse to pay more than £15 for anything. Stubborn me refuses to believe that I can't find a dupe or a cheaper version elsewhere because if I had a limitless price range on everything, I literally wouldn't be able to afford a McDonalds and I ain't ok with that! With this in mind you must know that when I shell out £18 (yes, you heard right) on a nail polish, it's going to be pretty special.

Chanel Taboo was found during a late night Temptalia feast. It was love at first sight. She described it perfectly as "Galaxy in a Bottle". That is exactly what it is and I could look at it for hours. I plan for it to sit by my bed and to stare into it, thinking about the wonders of the world. It really, really is that beautiful.

If you are, as I was am, in love with this colour then there are a few things to note: number one, Chanel polishes are not high quality. Their brushes are thin and the first coat is a little streaky so at least two coats is a must. Be sure to use a good quality, non-fast drying base and top coat. Try the CND Sticky Base Coat and then the Nails Inc Top Coat. I find this to make this polish last longer than it would do. Number two, its beauty is not the exact same as in the bottle as you shall see. Even though it is still stunning and does change shimmer and tone in different lights, you will only get the stunning red-orange effect when in sunlight however it is beautiful!

The price of the galaxy does not come cheap at £18 however I have searched and searched the internet and people have tried yet failed to find a dupe for this colour. Nothing comes close to the real thing and I just couldn't settle!

Have you got the Galaxy in a Bottle?

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