Having heard ALOT about Anastasia Beverly Hills I spent more than a month pondering over what to buy from them? I thought about falling into the herd and buying the Brow Wiz however I have a fantastic relationship with Mac Brows, which is cheaper, and would feel as though I were cheating on it. When you have this kind of commitment, it is difficult to let go. Due to some adolescent over-plucking I have a little gap I need to fill which powder just doesn't fill so when I stumbled upon the Brow Genius Kit, it really was love at first brow.

The kit comes with a mini double ended spooly-brush, a brow powder and a gel. You mix a little powder and a little gel onto the lid of the powder with the brush until you make a kind of brow-cream. Brush through your brows with the spooly and apply the brow colour with the brush! Voila, beautiful brows!

The amazing thing about this product is the longevity! The Brow Genius Kit is a water-resistant product which is great for warm muggy climates. It is great for swimmers and even for holidays. I tested this out on hot days, in showers and even in a paddling pool and this stuff stayed put! It really is amazing and there are no more patchy-brow problems post-swim. Unfortunately it only comes in 2 shades: Brunette (my shade) and Medium Brown. It is a reasonable price at £18 which, I find, to be fantastic quality for money as I imagine this will last me for a few months. Overall, an unbelievable brow product.

Which is your favourite brow product?

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